The Fraudsters, Co-conspirators & ROBO-signors

Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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The list of participants in this criminal enterprise and those aiding in the concealment of their crimes is so vast we can't possibly know them all. Many change their names, and we try to note that in this list.

 If you wish to have a company listed, you must submit documented proof of wrongdoing with your request.


51 residential mortgage companies have simultaneously gone bankrupt. (5/14)


1st Fidelity Loan Servicing
Abacus Federal Savings Bank (indictments)
Ablitt Law Offices, P.C.
ABN Amro Holding - laundering
Accelerated Equity & Development, Inc. (Audit)
Acceptance Financial Corporation
Accredited Home Lenders
Adler & Associates
Aegis Mortgage
Aeon Financial
Akerman, Senterfitt & Eidson, P.A.
Alegis Group
ALG Trustees - formerly Draper Goldberg foreclosure-mill
Alliance Mortgage Group
AllianceOne Receivables Management
AllianceOne, Inc.
Allied Home Mortgage (n/k/a AllQuest Home Mortgage Corp)
Allied Home Mortgage Capital
Allied Interstate
All State Mortgage Lender
Ally Financial/GMAC
Altegra Credit Company
Alternative Home Financing
Aman Collection Service
AMC (Ameriquest)
American Alliance for Loan Management
American Coradius
American Corrective Counseling Services
American General Finance
American Home Modifications
American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. (AMHSI)(now Homeward Residential)
American Legal Process
American Mortgage Field Services - ROBO-inspectors
American Mortgage Specialists
American Recovery Systems
American Revenue
American Servicing Company
American Team Mortgage, Inc., dba American Mortgage Relief
America's Mortgage Banc
America's Servicing Company
Amerifund Home Mortgage
Ameriquest Mortgage
AmNet Mortgage
AMO Recoveries
AmTrust Mortgage Corporation
Judge Ken Anderson - Austin
Anglin, Flewelling, Rasmussen, Campbell & Trytten LLP
Antrea Investments and Trading, LLC
Asset Management Outsourcing
Appletree Mortgage
A. R. Baron
Argent Mortgage (Ameriquest)
Aronowitz & Mecklenburg - Denver
Arrow Financial Services
Ashwood Financial
Asset Acceptance Capital Corp
Asset Acceptance Corporation  
Asset Protection & Recovery Solutions, L.L.C.
Associated Recovery Systems/ ARS National Services
Associates  (Citigroup)
Association Lien Services
Assurant - forced-place insurance
Atlantic Credit & Finance
Atkins & Ogle
Atlantic Law Group (fmr. Draper & Goldberg)
Attorney Processing Center
Attorney's Title Insurance Fund
Aurora Loan Servicing
BAC (Bank of America Home Loan Servicing)
Balboa Insurance
Banc Boston Mortgage
Bank of America  
Bank of New York
Bank of New Yorkshire
Bank One/Banc One
Bank United
Bankers Trust of California
Barclays - laudering
Barrett - Burke 
Baum Law Firm
BayRock Mortgage
Bayview Financial LP
Bayview Loan Servicing
Bayview Mortgage Capital
Bear Stearns
Bear Stearns Mortgage (a.k.a. EMC Mortgage)
Beazer Homes
Beneficial Consumer Discount Co.
Beneficial Financial Services
Bennett & Deloney
Berger Law Group
Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC
Best Interest Rate Mortgage Company
BFC Corp
Bierman, Geesing & Ward, LLC
"Black" Knight Financial Services/LoanCare - (formerly LPS)
Blatt, Hasenmiller
Blitt & Gaines
BNK Mortgage Company
Bonded Collection Corporation
Pam Bondi - Florida AG
Boudreau & Associates
Bowman, Heintz
The Law Office of Brett Margolin PC
Brice, Vander Linden & Warnick SELIM TAHERZADEH
Bronson  & Migliaccio, LLP
Brookstreet Securities Corp.
Brice, Vander Linden & Wernick P.C.
Bryan Cave, LLP
Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger
Bureaus Investment
Burke, Costanza & Cuppy
Burroughs & Smythe Financial Services
Butler & Hosch, P.A. (closed down 5/15)
Caliber Home Loans (Lone Star Funds)
California Reconveyance
Calmco / Olympus
Cal-Western Reconveyance Company
Cambridge Credit
Cambridge Credit Counseling
Capital City Mortgage
Capital Management Services
Capital Mortgage Services
Capitol Credit Service (Madison, WI) 
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC
Castle Law Group
C-BASS (Litton Loan Servicing)
CBE Group
CCB Credit Services
CC Brown Law
CDR Financial Products
Cendant Mortgage
Cenlar Bank
Cenlar F.S.B
Centex Home Equity
Central Pacific Mortgage
Chex Systems
CFIC Home Mortgage
Chase Financial Funding
Chase Manhattan Mortgage
Chase Mortgage
Chicago Title-alleged title fraud
CitiCorp Mortgage
CitiFinancial Mortgage
CitiMortgage, Inc.
City Finance (Washington Mutual)
Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford (lobbyists)
Client Services, Inc.
Creative Lending Solutions
Credit Suisse - laundering
Coalition for Fair and Affordable Housing  
Coastal States Mortgage Corp
Collect America, LTD
Collection Associates
Collins Financial
Comerica Bank
Commercial Credit
Connolly, Geaney, Ablitt & Willard
Consolidated Litigation Group
Consumer Credit Counseling
Consumer Data Industry Association
Continental Services
Corrective Solutions
Countrywide Mortgage
Credit Bureau Enterprises
Credit Collection Service
Credit Management Services
Credit Protection Association
Creditors' Alliance
Creditors Interchange
Credit Suisse First Boston
Credit Union National Mortgage
Creve Coeur Mortgage
Cross Country Bank
Crossland Mortgage
Crowe Horwath LLP
Crusader Servicing Inc.
CTX Mortgage Co.
CU National Mortgage
D&B Receivables Management
Data Management, LLC
Decision One Mortgage
Deloitte & Touche - foreclosure review
Delta Financial
Deutsche Trust (Bankers Trust)
Digital World Financial Inc
DiTech Funding (.com)
Diversified Adjustment Services
DLJ Mortgage Acceptance


Dovenmuehle Mortgage
Draper, Goldberg (now Atlantic Law Group/ ALG Trustees)
Druckman Law Group PLLC
Drummond and Drummond (READ!)
Dun & Bradstreet RMS
Eastern Savings Bank
Elite Outsourcing Services Inc
EMC Mortgage Corporation et al
Emerald Home Loan
Encore Capital Group
Encore Receivable
Entrust Financial Services
Epstein & Frisch
Equicredit (NationsBank n.k.a. Bank of America)
Equity One
ER Systems
E*Trade Bank
Everest Consumer Svcs.
Expert Global Solutions
Fairbanks Capital (nka - Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS)
Farrell & Seldin
FBCS (Philadelphia, PA)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)
Federal Loan Modification Law Center and Federal Loan Modification
Federal Mortgage Insurance Corporation - the "new" Fannie/Freddie
Federal Trade Commission
Federman Phelan
Fein, Such & Crane
Ferleger & Associates
Fidelity et al
Fidelity Land Trust Co
Fieldstone Mortgage
Fifth Third Bank
Finance America
Financial Asset Management
Financial Credit Corporation
Financial Recovery Services
Financial Resources Mortgage Inc.
First Alliance
First Alliance Mortgage
First American Corporation - appraisals
First American Investment Company
First American Loanstar
First Beneficial Mortgage
First Capital Mortgage
First Franklin Financial (NCFS)
First Horizon
First Horizon Home Loan First Horizon National Corp.
First Metropolitan Mortgage
First Mortgage Corporation
First Nationwide Mortgage
First NLC Financial Services
First One Lending Corp
First Pacific Corp.
First Performance Recovery
First Residential Mortgage (Louisville, KY)
First Select Corporation
Flagstar Bancorp Inc
FlexPoint Funding
Freddie Mac
FLM Law Center LLP
Florida Default Law Group
FMA Enterprises
forced-placed insurance
Any Foreclosure Rescue outfit that requires money upfront
Fordham Investment Group
Fortress Investment Group - owns Nationstar)
Franklin Credit Management
Franklin Credit Management (FCMC)
Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae  
Freemont Investment & Loan
Fulbright & Jaworski
Full Spectrum Lending
Gateway Bank
GC Services
GE Capital
GE Consumer Finance
General Collection
Genuine Title (Kickbacks-defunct)
Gerald E. Moore & Associates
GFI Mortgage Bankers
Gissen & Zawyer Process Service Inc
GMAC or GMAC Mortgage Corp.
Golden First Mortgage
Goldman Sachs
Government-Sponsored Business Model
Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE)
Grabowski & Greene
Green Light Financial
Greentree Financial
GreenPoint Mortgage
Greenwich Capital
Grenen & Birsic
Guaranty Bank

Guaranty Residential Lending
Gulf State Credit
Gurstel Chargo, P.A. - debt collector
GuyAmerican Funding Corp.
Guyer & Enichen
H&R Block Mortgage
Hammer Financial (Illinois)
Hamilton State Bank
Government's HAMP, PRA, HARP, HARP 2.0,TARP, CHAMP, HHF, etc.

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates (Debt Collector)
Harmon Law Offices, P.C.
Harris & Harris
Harvard Collection Services
Heady Financial
Heritage Pacific
H.E. Servicing
Homefocus Services, LLC - flawed appraisals
HFC (Home Funding Corp.)
Hirsch & Westheimer
Hoffman Law Group (Florida)
Holland & Knight
Home America
HomeBanc Mortgage
Homecomings Financial (GMAC)
Homecomings Financial Network
The Home Defender Center
HomeEq (Wachovia/Money Store)
Homeloan Management Ltd.
Home Loan Servicing Solutions
Home Loan Services

Homeowner Legal Assistance Association
Homeq Servicing .
HomeSavers USA
Homeside Lending (WAMU-Washington Mutual)
Homestar Mortgage
Homeward Residential Holdings - formerly AHMSI
The Hopp Law Firm and Robert J. Hopp & Associates
Household / Beneficial
Household Finance
Housing Assistance Services, Inc. (HAS)
HSBC North American Holdings, Inc.
Hunt Leibert
IBM Lender Services-Document sewage plant
I.C. System
Illinois Collection Services
Illinois Foreclosure Defense LLC
IMC Mortgage
iMod - rescue scam
Impac Mortgage Holdings
Indecomm Global Services
IndyMac Bank
ING - laundering
Instant Mortgage
International Embassy Realty
Intown Ventures
Irwin Home Equity
Irwin Union Bank & Trust
Jason Canvasser-Robo Attorney
J. C. Christensen & Associates
Jacob Law Group (debt collection)
JBC Legal Group (Boyajian)
Jefferson Capital Systems
Jessie Riddle & Associates
Johnson, Rodenburg & Lauinger
Jones Day
J. P. Morgan/Chase
JRHBW Realty, Inc
K2 Law, Mass Litigation Allianc
KCA Financial Services
K.E.L. Title Insurance Group
Kluever & Platt LLC - Now Seterus
KNC Financiera
Knuckles, Komosinski & Elliott LLP
Kramer & Frank
Philip Kramer - foreclosure attorney (Kramer & Koslow)
Kozeny & McCubbin
LaSalle Bank (ABN Amro)
Leader Mortgage
Legal Foreclosure Services, Inc.
Lehman Brothers
Lenahan Law Offices
Lending Tree
Lender Processing Services (LPS) (appropriately renamed Black Knight)
Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss
Leticia Arias-Ocwen robo
Liberty Mortgage
Liberty Savings
Les Zieve Law firm
Lighthouse Title - kickbacks
Linear Mortgage Group
Litton Loan Servicing

Litvin Law Firm (shut down)
Lloyds Banking Group - laundering
Loan Arranger (broker)
Loan Giant
Long Beach Mortgage

LPS is now appropriately named "Black" Night
LPS Default Solutions (Loan Processing Services/forgers) 
LPS Field Services
LTD Financial Services
Luminent Mortgage Capital
M.R.S. Associates
Macey, Wilensky, Cohen
Mackie, Wolf and Zientz
Malcolm S. Gerald & Associates 
Manley, Deas & Kochalski LLC
Mann & Stevens
Maris & Lanier (Dallas)
Marix Servicing
Marketplace Home Mortgage, LLC
Law offices of Marshall C. Watson in Fort Lauderdale
Mason Capital
Maverick Acquisition Corp.
M & T Bank
McCarthy Holthus
McMahan & Sigunick
MDR Mortgage Corporation
Medical Collection System/ Robert Mistovich
Medved Dale Decker & Deere
Mercantile Mortgage
Meridian Trust Deed Service
Meritage Mortgage
Meritech Mortgage (formerly Saxon)
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch Mortgage
MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Services)
Mesa Law Group
Metropolitan Mortgage
MF Global
MGC Mortgage
M&I Bank
MidFirst Bank
Midland Credit Management/ MCM
Midland Funding - debt collector
Midland Mortgage
Mitchell J. Stein - Mass-Joinder suits (arrested)
MKM Acquisitions
Moody’s Ratings Service
MoreEquity, Inc.
Morgan Stanley

Morris Hardwick Schneider (Embezzled $30 million)
Mortgage Foreclosure Experts - rescue
The Mortgage Law Group
Mortgage Lenders Network (MLNUSA)
Moss, Codillis, Stawiarski, Morris, Schneider & Prior
Mozilo, Angelo (Countrywide)
MRS Associates
M & T Bank
MTC Financial
Naomi Smith-Notary
National Action Financial Services
National Asset Management Enterprises
National Asset Recovery Services
National City (Altegra)
National City Mortgage c/o PNC Financial Services
National Default Servicing
National Enterprise Systems
National Financial Systems
Nations Credit
NationsBanc/Nationsbank (n/k/a Bank of America)
Nationstar Mortgage Company
Nationwide Credit
Nationwide Investment Firm - foreclosure rescue scam
Nationwide Loan Modification Bureau LLC
Nationwide Modification Agency Inc
Nationwide Title Clearing
NB Lending
NCO Financial Systems
NCO Group
NDEX (Texas) Document forgers
NeighborWorks America - homeowner assistance scam
Network Mortgage Servicing
New Century Financial Services, Inc.
New Century Mortgage
New Century Solutions (audit)
New York Community Bank
New York Mortgage Company
New York Mortgage Trust
NOD Consultants-loan mod
North Fork Bank (GreenTree)
Northland Group
Northwest Trustee Corporation
NorWest Mortgage
Nova Key LLC
Ocwen/ Ocwen Federal Bank/ Ocwen Financial
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Onewest Bank Group
Olympia Mortgage Corporation
Olympus Mortgage (Ameriquest)
Olympus Servicing
Orion Financial Group - document fabrication services
Option One Mortgage (H&R Block)
Option One Mortgage (Irvine, Ca.)
Orlans Associates
Outreach Housing
Outsourcing Solutions (OSI)
Pacific Republic Mortgage
Parkview Heights Homeowners Association
PCFS Mortgage Resources
Pendergast & Associates
People's Choice Home Loan
Peregrine Financial Grou
Perry Homes
Peters and Freedman
Phelan, Hallinan & Schrnieg, PC
PHH Mortgage Services
Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg
Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.
Pillar Processing
Pinnacle Financial Consulting -rescue scam
Pioneer Credit Recovery
Pite Duncan law firm
Platinum Financial Services
Platinum Home Mortgage
Plaza Associates
Plymouth Park Tax Services
PMI Group
PNC Financial Services (a.ka. National City Mortgage)
Popular Inc., Puerto Rico’s largest bank
Portfolio Recovery Associates

 *** Portfolio Recovery Associates ($82 Million Award)
Portfolio Recovery Services
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Prime Legal Plans
Principal Residential Mortgage
Pro Com Services
Professional Credit Management
Professional Recovery Systems
Promontory Financial - foreclosure review
Protocol Recovery Service
Provident Bank
QBE (insurance)
Quicken Loans  Quality Home Loans
Quality Loan Service
Randall S. Miller and Associates-FC-mill
RCO Hawaii aka Northwest Trustee Services
Receivables Management Solutions ReconTrust
Redline Recovery Services
Regent & Associates
Reiner & Reiner
Reisenfeld & Associates, LPA, LLC
Rels Valuation
REMIC trusts
Renaissance Mortgage Acceptance
Residential Credit Solutions - $2 million jury verdict
Residential Loan Centers of America
Residential Mortgage Corp
Resolution Law Group
Resolution Trust Corporation ("RTC")(1980's Savings & Loan Scandal)
Revenue Management
Revenue Production Management, Inc. (RPM)
Richmond Monroe Group - Document Mill
Risk Management Alternatives
RJM (Fingerhut)
ROBO-Signors (see below)
Rocket Docket judges
Rogers, Townsend & Thomas, PC (N.C.)
Ronald Wolf & Associates (formerly Florida Default Law Group/David Stern)
Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler, P.A.
Round Point Mortgage Servicing LLC
RRReview, Inc
Royal Bank of Scotland
R&T Financial
Rust Consulting
RX Financial
Safeguard Properties
SAC Capital Advisors (Guilty of insider trading)
Sagres Co.
Salvatore Spinelli
Sand Canyon
Saxon Mortgage Services
S&D Property Solutions (Rescue)
Schreiber & Associates of Danvers, Massachusetts
Aeon attorney Mark Alan Schwartz
Schwartz & Schwartz
Security Finance Corporation of Oklahoma
Security National Servicing
Select Portfolio Servicing - SPS (formerly Fairbanks Capital)
Shapiro & Burson-Virginia
Shapiro, DiCaro & Barak LLC
Shapiro & Fishman in Boca Raton
Shapiro, Fishman & Gache
Shapiro & Kreisman
Shapiro & Massey - Miss.
Sherman Acquisitions / Alegis
Sheriff Departments

Sherman Financial Group LLC
Sherman Title Agency
Sigma Services Inc.
Smith, Hiatt and Diaz
Kathy Smith-Falsely alleged VP of many entities
SN Servicing Corp.
Soci้t้ G้n้rale
SolomonEdwards OCC reviewer
Southwest Credit Corp.
Specialized Loan Servicing
Standard Chartered - laundering
Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service
Statebridge Mortgage
Statewide Financial Group, Inc. - rescue scam
Mitchell Stein - foreclosure defense attorney
David J.Stern - foreclosure-mill king (disbarred)
Stewardship Fund LP
Stewart Title
Summit Mortgage
Sunbelt Fidelity Corporation (loan mod scam)
Sunrise Credit Services
Suntrust Bank
Suntrust Mortgage
Superior Bank
Surpas Resource Corporation
Synchrony Financial (GE)
Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp.
Tate & Kirlin Associates
TD Bank (Toronto Dominion Bank)
T.D. Service Company
Temple Inland Mortgage
The Associates
Tiffany and Bosco - foreclosure-mill
Tila, LLC (audit)
Titles Etc.
Town and Country Credit
TranSouth Financial Corporation
Trauner, Cohen & Thomas
Trott and Trott
Truell Murray & Associates
Udren Law Offices
Unifund Group
Union Bank of California - laundering
United Commercial Bank
United Financial Mortgage
United Law Group
Universal Fidelity Corporation
Upland Mortgage
Urban Lending Solutions
U.S. Bank
U.S. Foreclosure Relief Corporation
U.S. Mortgage Corp.
The Vaden Law Firm
Valentine & Kebartas 
Vanderbuilt Mortgage and Finance
Van Ru Credit
Varde Partners (buys void notes with clouded tites)
John Vella: CEO of EMC Mortgage and other criminals
Verdugo Trustee Service Corp
Von Rosenstiel, Martha E.- attorney
Wachovia Bank -laundering
Walinski & Trunkett
Walsh Securities Inc.
Walter Investment Management
Washington Mutual (WAMU)
The Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson, P.A. (Florida)
Wells Fargo
Weltman, Weinberg
Elizabeth R. Wellborn, P.A.-Fla. foreclosure-mill
Wendover Financial Services
Wexford/HPC Mortgage Company
WexTrust Capital
Weyerhaeuser Mortgage Co. (WMC)
Williams & Williams
Wilshire Credit Corp
WMC Mortgage
Ronald R. Wolfe and Associates
Wolpoff & Abramson
World Wide Financial Services
Worldwide Asset Management
Worldwide Asset Purchasing
Worldwide Financial Resources
WRI Properties
Znet Financial
Zucker Goldberg & Ackerman LLC
Zwicker & Associates

Contact information for some bank CEOs:


Nationwide Title Clearing will manufacture any document to cover-up the title fraud problems


of County Land Records



         ESSEX SOUTHERN DISTRICT REGISTRY OF DEEDS   John O'Brien,  Assessor-Recorder




MFI-Miami Finds Evidence Of Robo-signing Committed By Trott &Trott: Will The Real Kenneth Kurel Please Stand Up!  

Kenneth Kurel Signatures Trott & Trott

Ellen Coon Faces Off Against Marshall Isaacs For Title Of Robo-Signing Champ 

Ellen Coon signatures Trott & Trott

Christina Allen – Lender Processing Services  Liquenda Allotey – Lender Processing Services   Christine Anderson – Lender Processing Services: now appropriately called Black Knight Financial Services, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial Inc.


Scott Anderson - Ocwen and Residential Loan Servicing


Patricia Arango – Marshall C. Watson law firm (CONTRADICTS CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY OF   

                                                                             MERSCORP PRESIDENT) 


Signatures of Denise Bailey & Diane Dixon - Litton Loan


China Brown – Wells Fargo (Piwinski case)


Bryan Bly – Nationwide Title – Video Deposition

Deborah Brignac Forgeries – Deutsche Bank, Washington Mutual, Long Beach Mortgage, California Reconveyance,     

                                               JPMorgan Chase, Fidelity


Doris Chapman - Notary


Whitney Cook – JPMorgan Chase

Beth Cottrell – JPMorgan Chase


Margaret Dalton – JPMorgan Chase


Tam Doan  – Bank of America


Dhurata Doko – Nationwide Title – Video Deposition 


Alfonzo Greene – Lender Processing Services


Linda Green


Korell Harp 


Christina Huang 


Laura Hescott – Lender Processing Services


Barbara Hindman – JPMorgan Chase


Bethany Hood – Lender Processing Services

Marshall Isaacs - Orlans Associates

Tammie Lou Kapusta – David J. Stern law firm


H. John Kennerty – Wells Fargo 


Pat Kingston - EMC Mortgage


Cecelia Knox – Lender Processing Services


Margie Kwiatanowsk – GMAC


Certification of Adrian G. Lofton(Fidelity) (March 2011)


Topako Love – Lender Processing Services

Crystal Moore – Nationwide Title


Noemi Morales - Ocwen - Signs for Scott Anderson.  Notary stamp was expired when she signed many documents.


Jessica Ohde


Erica Johnson-Seck- Indymac  The corporations for which she had signing authority included the FDIC as  

                                                    conservator for IndyMac. She’s now a vice president in Austin, Texas, 

                                                    for OneWest Bank, which bought IndyMac from the FDIC.


Stanley Silva - Ticor Title: Notice of Defaults, LPS, Fidelity, MERS, Wells Fargo


Jodi Sobotta – Lender Processing Services


Stacy Spohn – Chase Home Finance


Jeffrey Stephan - GMAC Highlights by Lynn Szymoniak

Jeffrey Stephan - Motion for Relief GRANTED - Attorney Fees Awarded on Affidavit Made in Bad Faith


Eric Tate – Lender Processing Services


Tywanna Thomas


Christina Trowbridge – JPMorgan Chase


ReconTrust Robo-signor Videos

Rhonda Weston – Bank of America: Is one of 10,000 listed vice presidents for Bank of America and had signed 

                               legal documents allegedly not in the presence of a notary public and without reading the document.


Amy Weis – Lender Processing Services


Rick Wilken – Lender Processing Services, EMC Mortgage, MERS, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase


From  attorney Lynn Szymoniak of Fraud Digest

To assist JPMorgan Chase, Fraud Digest suggests that it dismiss those actions where the Affidavits or Mortgage Assignments were signed by the following robo-signers: Beth Cottrell, Whitney Cook, Christina Trowbridge and Stacy Spohn from the Chase Home Finance office in Franklin County, OH; Margaret Dalton and Barbara Hindman from the Jacksonville, FL office of JPMorgan Chase


and any of the Lender Processing Services robo-signers from the Dakota County, MN office including Christina Allen, Liquenda Allotey, Christine Anderson, Alfonzo Greene, Laura Hescott, Bethany Hood, Cecelia Knox, Topako Love, Jodi Sobotta, Eric Tate, Amy Weis and Rick Wilken


In particular, JP Morgan Chase should look at those cases where the bank has supposedly assigned mortgages to WaMu, WMALT, Long Beach Mortgage Company and NovaStar trusts years after the closing dates of these trusts. The number of questionable or fraudulent documents is likely to be much closer to 560,000 than to 56,000, and that will only be a good beginning. - Attorney Lynn Szymoniak


You can read more of Lynn's great work here: Housing Justice 

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