Dear Supporters,

Almost one year from the date of the Sheriff Sale of my home and countless restless days and nights facing eviction, I am very pleased to say, YES! IT'S TRUE!  I GOT MY HOME BACK!  

On Tuesday, May 14 at noon over 70 supporters joined me in a Prayer/Fast/Story Circle in the lobby of Hennepin County Government Center.  We sang, we moaned, we prayed, stories from others facing foreclosure were told. 

Then, I faced the judge and attorney from Citi/Fannie for the last time. We reached an agreeable settlement that gives me my home back.  Praise God. Prior to the Sheriff Sale, I had tried for over six months unsuccessfully to get my home back.  It has been a long, long haul. 

Thank you supporters - over 12,000 of you all over the country! Community in unity works! Rallying works! Signing petitions works! Knowing who to call works! 

Occupy Homes Minnesota For me, calling on God led me to:

Northside Community Reinvestment Coalition, 

Jewish Community Action, 

Congressman Keith Ellison's office, 

Minnesota Attorney General's office, 

Drewes Law Firm, 

Mayor Shep Harris' office, 

State Representative Mike Freiberg's office, 

Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, 

and Occupy Homes Minnesota. 

As a result, the activists were right there with me as we marched, we knocked on doors, we held strategy sessions and we did it season after season - in the heat, the cold and the rain. It was well worth the fight.

Rose's house2This is the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, yet we are still fighting for housing as a basic human right. The struggle continues and signing bills is still a critical action in our justice system. Well...not only did I reach a settlement with Citi/Fannie that keeps me in my home, but the Minnesota House and Senate passed the Homeowner Bill of Rights in nearly unanimous votes! AMEN!

 That means no one in the State of Minnesota will have to be dealt the unfair hand of "dual tracking" like I was. No one!  Folks, all this news is very exciting, but the struggle's not over. Just this week my friend Jaymie Kelly received a summons to eviction court with Freddie Mac and Chase Bank. 

Jaymie, who lives in the Eviction Free Zone in south Minneapolis, has been paying her mortgage for 30 years and has already paid five times the value of her home--but still Chase and Freddie Mac want to evict her. But she's standing with eight other neighbors fighting their foreclosures who have declared their neighborhood an Eviction Free Zone, because this has gone far enough--the banks have already taken too much from our communities.  We know that when we fight we can win, but these organizations cannot survive by hard-driven passion for justice alone.  Thank you. Rose McGee 

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